5 Latest Tools to Build Your Website – Fast & Easy

As Web Developer or Web Designer, using a good tools to quickly develop website for your client is a winning strategy.

Here, I list out 5 latest tools you can use to develop your websites:

1.  Pingendo


Pricing: Free

2. Pinegrow


Pricing: From $49

3. Bootstrap Studio


Pricing: From $50

4. Jetstrap


Pricing: From $16 per month

5. Brix.io


Pricing: From $4.90 per month

You’re now equipped with 5 latest editors for quickly developing your websites.

If you’re currently using one of these editors, or if we left one off the list, let us know in the comments below.


Zharfan Mazli

I'm Zharfan Mazli, a Developer Entrepreneur from Kerteh, Malaysia. I have worked with lots of programming languages like Qbasic, VB, Pascal, C# and recently PHP. Here I'll share codes and tutorials for others and myself.